As ZUZ Protocol continues to create tangible innovations with its Zero Utility supported tools, we also are building strategic partnerships with top developers and projects that will boost our mission. As the NFT field merges with DeFi and creates opportunities with lending, derivatives, and even legal agreements on the blockchain; ZUZ Protocol is aiming to provide an NFT platform suited for any industry.

ZUZ and NFY (Non Fungible Yearn) are currently on task to build a universal staking mechanism together on the Polygon Network! This first-ever feature will offer the accessibility to create a staking pool using any ERC20 or…

ZUZ Protocol will utilize the decentralized and private cloud services from 0chain for immutable,secure NFT storage! 0chain Split-Key Protocol helps protect client wallets with its serverless 2FA technology, with keys stored in two devices. Transaction needs both devices to sign, so if one is compromised, your assets are still safe. ZUZ Protocol NFTs will soon be cloud compatible !

ZUZ Protocol

A gasless network for private and powered NFTs

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